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At Koyi, we address high standards of corporate behaviour and accountability throughout all levels of the organisation.

​Koyi Pty Ltd was established in 2017

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Mr Yixi, the founder of Koyi Pty Ltd, was inspired by the high quality of Australia's fine foods and their rigorous food safety standards which. Both of these facts are carefully mentioned by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Mr Yixi has always been keen to seek cooperation with regional or family-owned brands that focus on quality and consistency. In the spirit of creating win-win relationships, we are confident our team can help our partners through the resources, distribution connections, and channels we maintain in the Asian Pacific, particularly China. As a business partner and a member of the Australia Hub, we guarantee the protection of your intellectual property through confidentiality agreements, international franchise agreements, and/or other legal instruments. Historically, brands involved in international business have used research and information to make decisions. With this in mind, our mission at Koyi Australia is to make bilateral trade more transparent, simple, and reliable. We offer our international export-ready partners an effective way to develop new business opportunities in Australia. 


Located principally in Sydney, Koyi exports products made in Australia. By introducing and delivering high-quality Australian products to domestic and international markets in the Asia Pacific region, we assist businesses to realise and maximise the value of the products they make, sell, or use. With the advent and rapid development of global logistics, we are dedicated to helping the expansion of services for international trade professionals and the food industry. We plan to establish our laboratories and quality control departments in the region for the coming future. Furthermore, we will set our database of healthy lifestyles and healthy behaviours. In times of change and volatility where business confidence is waning, there can be a resounding call for leadership. Yixi and Koyi never shy away from taking on the challenges of business. Today's business leaders must govern their organisations to instil strategy, leadership, talent, decision making, marketing, performance, and change management to drive their businesses forward. In recent times, the food and beverage industry has faced strong headwinds, as evidenced by the sluggish growth in emerging markets, the plunge in commodity prices, and the shift in consumer preferences towards healthier products. One of the most vital global trends is moving away from artificial colours and flavours in favour of all-natural ingredients. This trend has reached the point where it has become a real differentiator for consumers and is a significant indication of the direction Koyi will go. 


Every step of our journey as we start, grow, and sustain by practice enough preparation, patience, and persistence. Everything we do will be dedicated to the service of our customers, and with it, the realisation of our vision of becoming one of the world's most celebrated brand names.​ While there may already be many existing superior quality brands in Australia, we will strive to be the first choice of your 'Made in Australia' standard food products, whether they be business-related or for personal use.


​Or we need an unmistakable opportunity to illustrate our goodwill and share it.

At Koyi, we pride ourselves on the way we conduct our brand and supply services, and as such, we welcome your input. Feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts and ideas.

While Koyi focuses on Asian markets, in general, it is the Chinese market. Our primary attention will be directed, and our overseas partner Yee incorporated and based in Qianhai, Shenzhen. He will be largely responsible for company operations in China. To facilitate our operations, we have established three distribution channels. Firstly, online distribution, taking into account the popularity and significance of e-commerce, will be positioned as one of our major conduits for delivery.  Secondly, traditional distributors with mature distribution networks are grouped as our indispensable partners, and to date, we have reached strategic partnerships with many of them. Lastly, self-constructing marketing channels also focus on our marketing team, particularly the emergence and growth of new sectors, for example, 24-hour unmanned automatic vending convenient stores. To ensure optimal results are achieved across all other offline channels, we are keen to develop cooperation with mass media and predominant social networks by signing a memorandum to build up and promote our brand image. We embrace and implement IT technology to cover any potential possibilities required by our job.​ Innovation makes positive changes in efficiency, productivity, quality, competitiveness, and market shares, and as such, it is vital for business growth and economic progress. Many new made-in-China export products have integrated various features into them to meet the local market's needs to boost competitiveness. One of our services will be to be the professional specialist agent that can lead you to the local manufacturers, which have been certified by us and local authorities. As China is not a market to be easily understood and penetrated, it will be our mission to launch your brand as smoothly as possible and integrate it with local conditions and sensibilities to make it popular, accessible, and acceptable.


Made in Australia 

As a migrant to Australia, I became impressed by two things in this country; multiculturalism and the sound legal system, the integrity of which is fundamental to the guarantee of the quality of foods and services. While manufacturing develops rapidly and organically under a healthy market-oriented environment, it is worth mentioning that natural creativity and unique concepts are a must for local brands to survive and stand out in an increasingly competitive environment. 


Design in Australia

Intellectual freedom and cultural diversity are reflected everywhere in Australia. People with different religious and cultural backgrounds live here and express their passion and love toward this community in their own ways. Design philosophy and concepts originate from other inspirations that, in the end, become one language, and that language is 'Design in Australia'. 'Design in Australia' is essential to design practitioners and those who understand the significance of design to Australia's cultural identity and economy. They might include manufacturers, people who employ designers, and members like us, with a passion for helping Australian designers succeed in business and introducing their work to the rest of the world. 


Brand owned in Australia

The integrity of the Australian legal system has provided sound protection to intellectual property, and in improving its intellectual property system, Australia has established a practical institutional legal framework around its innovative world prowess. It is not uncommon for Australian goods and services providers to register their intellectual property rights via the governmental administrative agency Intellectual Property Australia. With a proud and independent spirit, traditional family-owned brands have emerged over time in Australia and been passed down from generation to generation. 

As an advocate for creativity and brand spirit, we are proud of brands owned by Australians and will always support those family-owned brands in their pursuit of success. ​

Our team


Everything we do will be dedicated to the service of our customers, and with it, the realisation of our vision of becoming one of the world's most celebrated brand names.​ While there may already be many existing superior quality brands in Australia, we will strive to be the first choice of your 'Made in Australia' standard food products, whether they be business-related or for personal use.

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